DIY Coconut Oil Eye Cream

DIY Coconut Oil Eye Cream

Look ma, no nasty ingredients!

Coconut oil has certainly been the talk for the past year. People say it has healing properties, it’s good for your skin, for your body, and for a million other things. I don’t know if I believe all of these claims, but it has certainly worked for me as a beauty product.

I’ve been trying to use more natural beauty products and also make my own because it’s a lot cheaper and in that way, you have control over what you’re putting on your skin. I’ve used coconut oil for my skin and for my hair and it using it the right way can make it work wonders!

I came across a pin on Pinterest while I was looking for beauty DIYs, and it said you should use vitamin e capsules for under your eyes. The blogger who wrote about it described it as the best eye cream ever!! (insert heart emoji here)

I couldn’t find any eye cream product that pleased me (so many crazy ingredients) so I went to the drugstore the next day to get to vitamin E capsules. They were fairly cheap so I was pleased, but when I got home I started reading a little more on how people applied it to their under eye area…  and I found out I had bought the wrong type of vitamin E. I was so excited to use it so I was a bit upset, but on the other hand, I felt very relieved that I found out this important bit of information before I applied it to my skin frenetically. The thing is, I should have just done a little bit more research and that’s what I set out to do!

I researched a lot of natural beauty websites and natural beauty books written by the “masters” of natural beauty. I found some really great stuff, and that great stuff is: coconut oil + vitamin E = eye magic!

I have been using coconut oil for under my eyes ever since I found out the eye cream I was using had paraben in it. It hydrates the skin but it doesn’t really do much else. What we all want from an eye cream, is basically the ability to reduce under-eye circles, hydrate, take care of fine lines, be an antioxidant, and all that great stuff. So my “eye cream” needed a boost.

There are other oils that you can add to homemade eye cream, but I only kept it to 2 ingredients which are easy to get so it’s more budget-friendly. Now, when you buy vitamin E to put on your skin, you need to pay attention to what’s written in the ingredients list. There are two types of vitamin E on the market, in capsule form or pure.

The GOOD kind for your skin is the one listed as D-alpha tocopherol. That’s the natural vitamin E.

The BAD kind is Dl –alpha-tocopherol. The Dl means that it’s synthetic. Only use the natural form for your skin otherwise you might as well just be putting some cleaning products in there as well.

Now that we know that,  we can move on.

You will need these:

  • 4 vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol) capsules
  • coconut oil
  • spoon
  • cotton swab
  • little pot
  • pin

Super easy awesome instructions:

1. First, melt the coconut oil in the microwave until it’s liquid. Then pour it in the small pot.

2. Pierce the vitamin E capsules with the pin and pour the content in the pot with the coconut oil

3. Mix it really well using the cotton swab and then close the pot.

4. You can add a label to your eye cream pot! I used my label maker to name it “eye magic”. Love the yellow labels. so. much. (I’m a label-maker-crazy-person)

5. Now, put your little pot in the fridge for a few hours until the cream is solid again!

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