DIY Natural Dry Shampoo For Brunettes


I want to start writing this by grossing all of you out and saying I have very oily hair. It’s extreme and drives me insane, and it’s so oily you can probably fry an egg in it. Grossed out yet? Wait, it gets better because I found the best solution! Let’s talk hair.

A lot of people tell me the solution for oily hair is just to stop washing it so much, but that really doesn’t work for everyone. I have gone through periods of time that I could handle not washing it for several days, but as I grew older it just got a lot worse. The only thing that happens when I don’t wash it so much, is that it drips down wet. People out there with oily hair, I feel you and you feel me. Dry hair people don’t know this deal – I know you have other hair problems to deal with though, and I also feel for you.

Now let’s review the “don’t wash your hair too often” deal. The problem is washing it too much with conventional shampoo because the majority of shampoos out there is too harsh for our hair and contains a lot of bad ingredients, so washing our hair with that kind of shampoos every day is indeed a bad idea. But if you have a natural and organic shampoo that is safe for everyday use, then there is no problem with washing your hair more often (hydrate your hair with oils every week for the best results). You should still, of course, wash your hair every other day, but the right natural, totally organic shampoo will retain your natural oils. Since you should avoid those bad shampoos and ingredients anyway, there is more than enough reason to switch right now if you haven’t already.


All dry-shampoos gave me some sort of allergic reaction, spray or powder, expensive or cheap. My eyes would water, I couldn’t breathe after applying it, and it hurt my nostrils. After months of this behavior, I started to ask myself why I was going through this for oil-free hair. I decided to stop using dry-shampoo altogether but my hair would get too oily too fast, and I had to wash my hair more often. You girls can back me up on this, when you wash your hair every day, it takes a while to dry and to get ready to go anywhere. I’m not a fan of heat and I avoid drying my hair with my hairdryer except when it’s on the cold setting, and that takes forever. It’s precious time I could be using to do other things like watching cooking shows or petting my cat for 3 seconds until he bites me.

Why is conventional dry-shampoo bad anyway?

There are articles about the bad side of dry shampoo, such as “What’s REALLY in dry shampoo?” from the Mail, and “Why Dry Shampoos Are Bad For Your Hair + What To Do Instead” from Mind Body Green.

Soaking up the oils from your hair all the time can be bad for it, so if you’re like me and needs to use dry-shampoo often, make sure you’re using an all-natural, organic product in small quantities and not every day. Comb the product through your hair — don’t just let it sit on your scalp where it’s sure to do more longterm damage than short-term good.

Since we know the conventional dry-shampoos can be bad for you, here is an alternative that is all natural, cheap, and the ingredients are probably sitting in your cupboard! It’s the easiest “beauty DIY” I’ve ever done and it works really well, and it’s also budget-friendly, environment friendly, animal-friendly, and chemical free!

Pros of DIY Natural Dry Shampoo

– It’s all natural!
– You will smell like a bakery and your boyfriend/girlfriend will love hugging you
– It’s cheaper

Cons of DIY Natural Dry Shampoo

– You have to make it yourself and some people might think that’s a bit annoying
– It takes a little bit more work to apply than spray dry shampoo


What you need

  • Ingredients
  • Small bowl
  • Powder make-up brush
  • Small whisk
  • Small pot that seals well and has a large opening, to store your dry-shampoo

Ingredients for brown hair

– 1/2 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch (both work great)
– 1/4 cup cacao powder
– 1 teaspoon cinnamon

Ingredients for blonde hair

– 1/2 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch (both work great)
– 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

You can switch it up, and add more or less of each ingredient. This worked for my hair color, which is a light to medium ash brown color. For a different smell and more customized colour, you can also play up with ginger powder, clove powder, and nutmeg.

How to make it

With a small whisk, mix all the ingredients together until they are all blended very well.


Part your hair where it’s oily and apply the powder with a big powder make-up brush carefully where you need it. Run your fingers through your hair and blend it in your hair. Bend over a little bit and shake off the excess powder and comb your hair through to finish blending the powder all over your hair. If you’re wearing white, do this before you put on your clothes since the powder is colored it might stain your clothes a little bit if you use the one for brown hair.

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