Top Five Must Have Beauty Items For Daily & Weekly Routine


I’ve come along way since my beauty 101 post and although all those products I used to use were great (I’m still finishing up a couple of them), I wanted to move over to products I could either make myself or were multi-use. I now look back and think “Why did I have so many products?” and I know there are other women out there that have three times more than I used to, but that was exactly the opposite of what I wanted for myself. The routine I have now is a lot more minimalistic and easy to follow, and it’s more environment-friendly.

This routine also costs me a lot less (like a lot) and it’s more effective. It took me a while to find the right things and I’m still scrambling here and there. If you are also interested in natural products, I recommend that you read about it. Don’t just google “coconut oil 1000 uses”, really really read about essential oils, ingredients that work, vitamins for skin, vegetable soaps, oils, and food ingredients that do the work. There is a lot of evidence out there to back up the use of natural ingredients for skincare and even dermatologist and specialists have great recipes and tips.


1. Tea tree oil

Amazing for acne! I put one or two drops of this on every night with a damp cotton pad and it has helped my skin stop hating me. Sometimes I’ll spot treat it with one drop and a cotton swab or a clean finger. I got it at De Tuinen.

2. Jojoba oil & Other oils

My skin is very oily but I still moisturize with oil. I used to be scared of it on my skin but I’ve grown to love it. Jojoba oil particularly is great for oily skin, and the secret is to apply it using a sponge with a few drops.

3. Bar Soap

I use a bar of 100% Castille soap that I got from De Tuinen and Fresh Farmacy from lush. I use the Castile bar every morning and night and if my skin needs a bit more help due to spots and break-outs I usually them combined. They both come wrapped in paper that you can recycle.

4. DIY Eye Cream

I use this every other night as my skin is super oily and I don’t have any under eye-related problems.

5. Coconut Oil

I use this as lip balm, hair treatment, on my body and to remove make-up. If you have dry skin I recommend using shea butter or shea oil instead.

Extra: I use Reusable Cotton Pads

I use these to apply anything I need to my face, to remove my make-up (damped with warm water)and wash them right away using a bit of my Castile bar soap. Zero waste!



I make a coffee scrub with the leftover grains I use for my morning coffee mixed with some oil or water on my face and on my body twice a week. It’s amazing and you should try it too! It works wonders on acne and blemishes and it improves the circulation on your body.

Face Masks

I use yogurt, honey, turmeric, rice water, and avocado as face masks. I also have a face mask from Lush called mask of magnanimity.


Oat baths are great for soft skin and skin problems. Just use some cloth and wrap it with the oatmeal inside, hang it on the faucet in your bathtub and let the water run through it. Oat bath!


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