My Current Favourite Mascara Diorshow In Brown

diorshow brown mascara


I love having a softer look when it comes to make-up and I was searching for a mascara that could help me achieve that kind of look and still make my lashes have more volume and keep them in place. I decided to get a brown mascara to try to give my lashes a more natural look since the black mascara is a bit much for daily-wear in my opinion. I hate that heavy lashes clumpy look, and although that might be ok for going out at night to a bar or a club, it’s definitely not my thing (being that I don’t really go clubbing anyways).

I went to the store and tried a couple of brands and decided on the Diorshow with the help of very patient make-up ladies. Although I know waterproof mascara is not the best option, it rains pretty often here in Amsterdam and sometimes the weather can be very humid, so that is why I got this version.

diorshow mascara

The wand is truly a hairbrush for your lashes! It brushes them up and they don’t look clumpy, which is a plus for the natural look I was looking for. I usually don’t apply many layers, but you can easily build up volume. It’s not stubborn to remove, which seems to be some kind of witchcraft, because it holds very well all day on your lashes.

I’m most impressed with the wand because it gives me a voluminous flirty look but in a very natural way. It works very well for me because I have long lashes, and they stay in place and you can’t really tell I’m wearing mascara at all if I wear only one layer. I use it almost every day now, even if I’m not wearing any other kind of makeup. If you like a more natural make-up look I definitely recommend you use brown mascara instead of black.

This is the Diorshow in 689 Waterproof, but it also comes in black and no-waterproof option.

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