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Digital Advertising: The Most Important Factor To Boost Your Business

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Since the dawn of time, well more like since the 1920s, man has been using advertisements to persuade one another to buy their goods and/or services. People have been trying many different ways to show off their products to other people. Smaller companies spend about seven to eight percent of their gross revenue on advertisements alone while the larger companies spend about ten to twelve percent of their gross revenue.

Millions of dollars in research goes into what the market wants and what will draw their attention to the products. TimesSquare, New York is an amazing example of extreme advertising; there are tons of advertisements all over buildings, benches, cars, and really… anything!

As the years pass by, technology has increased immensely which has impacted advertising. First, it was the radio with radio show hosts advertising a product to keep the station up and running. The next age was the age of television, with commercials being the next big thing that was used to show off the latest products and newest tech. Finally, we reach today, the age of the internet with virtual advertisements.

Today’s digital landscape is the harshest one yet. People hide behind the screens and attack any and everything that they do not like. Coming up with effective markets strategy can be difficult, but here are some ways that can improve your digital marketing campaigns.

One of the major things that tend to get people talking is controversy. The controversy is a sure-fire way to grab the viewers’ attention. Controversy will bring people from all over looking at your product. If you want to hit a wide range of people you can use controversy. Word of mouth can help show millions over social media your product and/or service.

An example of a controversial advertisement is Nike’s “Believe in something…even if it means sacrificing everything” with the quarterback for the 49er’s Colin Kaepernick. This advertisement sparked a wildfire on the internet as well as social media due to Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling for the pledge during a number of football games. This caused a lot of people to slam Nike over this, yet Nike made over six million dollars off of this advertisement alone. A warning to this controversial tale, there is such a thing as too much controversy.

The Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner is an example of a controversy that caused more problems than it was worth. The Pepsi add was supposed to have a little controversy, but groups such as “Black Lives Matter” made their voices heard against Pepsi. They soon removed the ad wasting both time and money. But, you know how the saying goes, “there is no such as bad publicity.”

Another thing about advertising is getting your message out there. The internet is massive with millions of websites each with their own topics, ideas, and personality. Finding the place to advertise is key. For example, say I want to sell bikes. I can either choose website A or website B. Website A is a website all out about the newest video game, “Cars Going Fast: 2”. While website B is all about the benefits of exercising. I can only pay for one spot on one of the websites.

What do you think I should do?

If you said to go with website B, you are correct and I will tell you why. When it comes to marketing you must know your group. Why would people playing video game want to buy a bike? Yes, you might get some new sales, but it won’t be as much as going to a website that talks about working out. Knowing who you want to sell to is the key to know where your advertisements are going. Just like finding a home, it’s all about location, location, location.

The last thing that is really important is regulating the amount your advertisement is shown. There always need to be a fine line between overexposure and underexposure. The internet is a wide-open space filled with tons of searches made every day to different websites. There is a fine balance that is involved with exposure to your advertisement. If you expose it too little you don’t get people to see your product and/or service. If you do this you are losing money because you don’t have a large group of people to see it.

On the other side of the same coin, you have overexposure. I normally see this stuff when it comes to TV shows or movies. When every a big movie is coming out I see advertisements everywhere about it. It is in front of every Youtube video, everywhere on TV, posters all over the place, and some many more examples. After a while of seeing the same trailer or the same poster I just get annoyed of it.

I may like the movie, but with the number of advertisements I have seen, I might decide not to watch it. If you do that with a product I would decide not to buy the product. A fine balance must be struck, so that why I am not sick of the advertisements but I also want to see the ad and remember it. It would be smart to make sure you keep the balance when it comes to your ad. I think a purple alien said it best, “perfectly balance as all things should be.”

Keeping the aforementioned examples in mind, it’s time to explain specifically how I would advertise a product.  First, I would identify my target audience. For the sake of this example, I am selling a new sports drink that is directed towards people who are athletic and enjoy playing sports. The company that I work for is a small company that grosses about one million dollars. They give me eight percent of the gross to advertise the new drink, which is about eighty thousand dollars.

Next, the ad would have something to grab the attention of the view, maybe something with a celebrity. Something to grab the viewers’ attention and talk about the ad, but not too controversial that it hurts the company. Next location, location, location. I would make sure the ad plays during sports news, on exercising websites, and is viewed in sports stores. Now that I have my ad and my targeted sites, I now need to balance the exposure. I want people to see it, but I don’t want the ad to get annoying. So I have the ad running on the most popular sights but not too much. The bottom line is knowing the balance as well as your target audience and with that, the ad I created is creating revenue for the company.

Written By: Joseph Demeritt

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