A Spa in your Bathtub (Turn Your Bathroom Into Luxury Spa)

turning your bathroom into spa

You do not have time or money to go to a health center? Treat yourself to the care of a home spa without spending a fortune. Here are some tips to turn your bath into a soothing place for the body and mind.

Your sanctuary

This time is totally yours! Unplug the phone. With a few candles and soothing music, you will transform your bathroom into a haven of peace. Wrap yourself in an aura of calm by distributing essential oils. Lavender and jasmine have soothing properties; cedar and sandalwood are purifying and antibacterial. To extend the comfort when you exit the bathroom, make sure you have on hand a preheated bathrobe and fluffy slippers.


Since time immemorial, the Mediterranean people have used natural fibers to brush their skin and make it silky. Every day, toxins accumulate at the surface of your skin. Give it a makeover by rubbing dry with a stiff brush. To sterilize it, pour over the hair a few drops of essential oil of rose or lavender. Remember to clean it thoroughly in 7-10 days with soapy water. Let it dry naturally.

Marine minerals also help to exfoliate dead skin cells. To clean up the body and improve your circulation, prepare a mixture with a half-cup of salt and enough water to form a wet paste. Rub yourself in a circular motion, starting with the feet and back to the hips. Rub on the arms, back and abdomen also. Choose a fine grain for delicate areas like the face and chest. Rinse with warm water.


To flush toxins from deep in the skin, coat yourself with mud. They contain negative ions which attract positively charged impurities. As for the magnesium present in the mud, it acts on the nervous system and lymph nodes. This wrap relaxes sore muscles and joints, it refines the skin and restores its natural vitality. After a few minutes, clean yourself in the shower and then sneak in an aromatic bath that will bring to you the ultimate relaxation that you deserve.


Aromatic bath

A few drops of essential oil in water are enough to immerse the body and soul in a state of profound well-being. These plant concentrates penetrate the skin and moisturize. On the inhalation, they seep down to the nerve endings. The inhaled odorant molecules that are reaching the brain to control memory and emotions. The essential oil evaporates quickly, only after 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, it is best to wait until the tub is filled before adding a few drops. Do not overdo it! The active ingredients of essential oils are very powerful. A drop corresponds to 500 grams of fresh plant. After twenty minutes, get out of the bath and wrap yourself in a towel. Do not rinse in order to keep the virtues of the oils on your skin intact. Quiet and relaxed, you will plunge into a long sleep and recovery.

Three Tips for your Bath

  1. If you are allergic to soap then as a substitute use a gauze filled with a spoonful of chamomile flowers, lavender and rose petals. Your skin will do just as well enjoy your bath and fragrance.
  2. In the absence of pumice stone, to remove calluses from your feet use an avocado pit and a few drops of eucalyptus to deodorize your feet.
  3. The temperature of your bath should not exceed 100° F at the risk of too much speed up your heartbeat and fatigue.

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