Chest, Tri and Shoulder Workout

chest triceps and biceps

A big-bang-for-your-buck upper body workout I gave to one of my clients. I tested it out, too…get ready to feel the burn! Make sure you get a 5- to 10-minute cardio warmup in before you start.

Warmup: pushups, amrap, x3 sets

Working sets (30 seconds rest in between sets)

  1. Superset: DB chest press (10 reps) with DB fly (10 reps) x 3
  2. Tricep pushdown (10 reps) x 3
  3. Superset: military pushup (10 reps) with alternating cable press (10 each side) x 3
  4. DB front and lateral raise (20 total, 10R/10L) x 3
  5. DB shoulder press (8 reps) x 3 (HEAVY)
  6. Cable bar press down (10 reps) x 3

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