Cycling: a Must for You!

cycling an essential for you

In the era of physical and mental fitness, it is often assumed, wrongly, that one is not aligned with the other, and the body and mind are tough. In short, we would choose, without knowing that the bike is just the perfect balance between the two.

“Cycling has changed my life!” is the leitmotif of bikers, and a confidence that is shared willingly between pedal strokes. Our European friends address the bicycle as “Little Queen”, and for good reason! Cycling is a dictatorship within its requirements, but far from harmful, it spurs your vices towards a more harmonious path. You cannot escape its benefits when clinging to the lifestyle attached to this activity or sport, regardless of your appetite!

An Activity Complete and Perfect In Itself

When you think of cycling, should you ignore the concerns that affect one’s body? Of course. In terms of weight at least, in contrast to harsher treatments, cycling does not hold a candle; it is ever in reach.

Cycling allows you to attach yourself to a new, healthy lifestyle that is balanced in combining the virtues of sport, relaxation, and social networking.

Most sports are synonymous with timeless effort, but if the bike arouses loyalty, it is because it offers benefits with very little downsides and does not discriminate against age, sex, fitness, and weight. It is inclusive. The only instruction: go at your own pace!

Benefits of Cycling on the Body

Cycling opens the door to a panoply of possibilities. It engages the whole body in its business.

  • The lungs, improving breathing capacity.
  • The heart by preventing heart disease.
  • Muscles, including calves and thighs that, contrary to popular belief, are not the only beneficiaries of pedaling. By the position that generates a contraction, other muscles will also find their account with a minimum effort and maximum results.
  • Bones. To break the vicious circle of osteoarthritis and other joint pain, “weightless” physical activity is suggested; indeed, activities like running, cycling acts on the cardio, legs, buttocks, but taking care to spare the joints. The bike, like skiing and swimming, reduces the impact force on aching joints. Elderly people who practice cycling regularly retard the loss of strength and muscular endurance associated with aging. In terms of stiffness, it is even possible to see an improvement.

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The Bike Makes You Happy

Exercise is an antidepressant. The release of nervous tension causes a feeling of euphoria, which fills us with energy. But beyond the facts involving endorphins, serotonin, and other “in” words we all love, what is that little extra that enhances the bike?

In children, it represents independence and self-esteem. It contributes to their development through the mastery of neurological functions that allow balance, skill, and vigilance.

These points occupy a prominent place among the elderly, too, thereby preserving independence longer, in compliance with the challenges they face: isolation, financial concerns (apart from buying a cycle in the first place, the costs associated cycling is close to zero), depression and inactivity.

Adaptable to Lifestyle and Mood

The incomparable beauty of cycling is its adaptability to lifestyle. It is a sport that gives you the luxury of versatility while giving you pleasure at the same time. It is sometimes alone activity and can let you time to relax, take stock, to be in your own bubble. But it can also be social and intergenerational if we invite friends and family to stretch their legs.

The key is to plan rides that suit your needs without being “too much”.

Advice for Novice Cyclists

Before buying, learn to ask questions, especially if they seem trivial. Do not let your embarrassment take over, because cycling does often have jargon, so it’s vital to avoid pitfalls. When buying a bike, the most important thing is to clarify your needs in order to target the kind of ride you want.

Did You Know?

By quietly pedaling on a bicycle, an adult can burn four or five calories a minute, nearly three or four times higher than they do when at rest!

Also: Practiced reasonably, this fair and inexpensive sport can halve the effects of aging on the body every ten years!

True or False?

Cycling is reserved for athletes. This misconception and preconception is the perfect excuse for inactivity. Cycling is for anyone who wants to get in shape and have better health.

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