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bathrooms around the world

Taking a bath is an ancient ritual, present in all cultures. Remember the famous bath of asses’ milk in which Cleopatra used to lounge in order to maintain the beauty and softness of her skin. Water is also evocative of the womb, a safe where we all feel safe. It has its own place in a rite of immemorial pleasure, inspired the four corners of the globe.

The art of the bath has been passed through time and civilizations. The first stories are from ancient Mesopotamia. Under the Roman Empire in the second century BC, show delivery of the first “Balnea”, these public baths that were true temples of the art of bathing. During antiquity, beauty reaches high peaks among the Egyptian aristocrats, with an infinite variety of oils, herbs, resins, perfumes, and potions to the therapeutic effects of catalysts that were oh so seductive.

The Bath: A Ritual of Mankind

In Japan

In the Empire of the Rising Sun, the art of the bath had three stages:

1. Wash the body, then dry it.

2. Relax in the bath, which has been deposited in essential oils, herbal infusions or bath salts.

3. Relax after the bath, by applying a cream or oil on the entire body.

To create the same experience at home, enjoy the products of Komyo artisans Dans un jardin. This new range, which includes products based on essential oils of marjoram, lavender, ylang-ylang and matcha green tea, has antioxidant properties, helps to recreate each of these three stages. People are finding time for themselves. With these products, you can easily escape into the bath and enjoy the moments.

According to the Japanese ritual, the shower is taken before the bath, allowing you to wash but also relax the body. Try the Shower Gel relaxing matcha that helps fight against skin aging.

Continue with the purifying matcha bath (250 ml). It is best used at night because the essence of lavender helps to sleep. Finish by applying the restorative cream with matcha essential oil to prolong the pleasure of bathing and sleep better.

Also, you can have an experience similar to the onsen, which are the public baths of hot springs. The Japanese bathing ritual has two distinct zones: a dry zone, where people dress and undress, and a wetland which, in addition to the bath, includes a space to shower.

As In the Middle East

The hammam, declination Eastern Roman baths, enables compliance with hygiene rules prescribed by Islam while engaging in an experience rich in sensual pleasures. Discover Charme d’Orient products, through its Steam cabinet that contains the products for the Turkish bath ritual: a smooth paste of soap, a Kassa (granular fabric glove), to remove impurities, the powder of fragrant rasul, a wrap, and argan oil.

In the Scandinavian

In northern countries, from Russia to Finland, the bathing ritual is practiced for its virtues of a curator, toning and relaxation. In order to experience this at home, Yves Rocher offers a range of Sauna Bath Concentrated Effect, Spa Power Plant (150 ml), supplemented with trace elements from the plant sap, such as copper, iron, manganese and zinc mineralization for a more toned body. With this product, you feel purified. Stress and weight of the day disappear…

An unusual exotic bath

Blending different cultures, at Body Shop we offer products with exotic compositions for the bath. Indeed, the salt bath of the range Spa Wisdom Purifies Bath Immersion (jar of 500 g), is composed of Epsom salts, clay and grass Amazon rice, curators of the softening virtues. We propose to combine a small amount of bath salt with immersion Purification Monoi Oil of Polynesia (150 ml) to obtain a scrub that you can apply on your arms and legs when you’re in your bathroom.

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