Exercises for Parent and Child

Woman and kids doing bridge stretch gymnastic exercises at home

Playing sports is essential for maintaining good health. At any age, too. Children who move early in life are, according to studies, more likely to maintain a good habit over the years. Isn’t this what we want?

As a parent, one tries to cook a good meal and keep the fridge full of vegetables and fruit, but we haven’t yet acquired the habit of going out and spending our energy with our children by playing sports with them. Indeed, behold the classic excuse: “I can’t work out or play sports because I have kids!” But, children can practice the same activities as we do. It takes just a small dose of willpower and a little imagination.

Evidence that this is possible? Yoga classes for two, joggers who push their offspring in their stroller, or mothers who dance salsa with their babies strapped on them! Really, the excuse no longer holds any weight!

Having children should actually encourage us to do regular exercise. Moreover, we can afford to try activities that we perhaps would’ve never dared to do if not accompanied by a child. Who would care to start out gymnastics at 40? Or judo at 35? Only athletes – or parents, of course! It’s time to see our kids as the best incentive to get moving. To inculcate the habit for sake of it, and because, if you do it, chances are junior will want to, too!

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The Benefits of Parent-Child Exercise

Expending energy doesn’t allow you to just burn calories. It provides:

  • Better sleep;
  • Better self-esteem;
  • The feeling of sharing a moment together, away from the daily grind;
  • The acquisition of new skills;
  • The development of a sense of belonging and a sense of team spirit;
  • An addition to the value of the adult’s parenting, and the child’s respect of the parent;
  • The channeling of aggression and the overflow of energy;
  • Personal development;
  • Shared pleasure.

Where Can You Practice as a Duo?

Surprisingly, many recreation centers do offer parent-child classes. Just ask for a course that may be available. Especially attractive for the child, these plans allow parents to let another adult play a significant role for the child, while themselves being there for them and guiding them. When children grow up, sport becomes an important pillar in the lives of many young people, and the fact of having shared it with one’s parent reinforces the link and creates moments of complicity worthy of future memories.

What Exercises to Practice with Your Child?

Karate, judo, and so forth

Are the best martial arts, and are great ways to increase the capacity of concentration of both parties, in addition to ensuring good self-control.


If one starts indoor climbing during the winter, you can climb outside walls in natural sites the following summer. A double goal! Climbing promotes coordination and strength.


Various centers now offer yoga classes for the family, but also specifically for the parent-child relationship. This is a great way to imprint both relaxation and a quiet impression. You’ll leave classes feeling more Zen, more flexible and relaxed. Perfect for learning to distress together, and to afford a relaxing break in crazy weeks!

The gym

Training and weight training can be effective ways to build relationships with the pre-teen or the teenager. One also gains an outstanding motivator. With endurance and perseverance, we push to do more. With the younger ones, you can go to smaller gyms where they learn to move in groups during short programs. You can even organize children’s parties this way!

No Need to Move Over to the Family!

You do not necessarily need a way to play sports as a family.


Snowshoeing and skating are the most popular winter sports. Nothing is easier than putting on your skates and gliding on ice. Toddlers can enjoy the ride in a sled. In addition, you can enjoy the same thing almost all year round in arenas and ice rinks.


It’s easy to go swimming with your family. If your son has a group lesson, take the opportunity to stretch the fun and jump into the water during the swim, just after. Otherwise, all public pools have slots for family swimming. Hint: a good time to choose this activity is one hour before bedtime, or before nap time in the afternoon, so the little ones, when exhausted, can easily drift off to sleep later!


Going for Alpine skiing as a family can be an attractive option during the cold season. Most regulars can hit the slopes right away; beginners may need to train first with a private tutor.

Other Activities That Expand Energy

  • Family tobogganing.
  • Cross-country skiing.
  • Walking or hiking.
  • Cycling.
  • Jogging.
  • Organize a game of soccer, softball, soccer or dodgeball in the park with neighbors and friends.
  • Tennis, badminton and table tennis.
  • Kin-ball.

To Help You Move!

To find an activity you like, talk to various recreational centers in your area. You’ll be amazed at what you can find!

Benefits of Physical Activity among Pregnant Women:

  • Restful sleep;
  • Better digestion;
  • Greater relaxation;
  • Improved blood circulation.

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