Misleading Fitness Quotes, How ?

don't stop when hurts, stop when you done
Not a day passes by without a lot of different fitness quotes being thrown at you on Instagram or Tumblr. Some of these quotes are truly inspiring and motivating, but other ones sometimes make me angry.
You’ve read the ones: “no excuses”, “don’t stop when it hurts, stop when you’re done”, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, “you choose, pizza or thigh gap”, “no pain, no gain”, “unless you puke, faint or die, keep going”, “strong is the new beautiful”, “sore or sorry, you pick”, “choose: the junk food you want now or the body you’ve wanted for years”…
I think some of these might already make you cringe and I think you might be starting to get my point.
So, some of those might not sound harmful to you at all, so I’ll explain to you why I don’t really like these quotes.

  • no excuses“: When trying to live a fit and healthy life, I think it is really important to realize that there are other things in life than working out too. Taking a day off to focus on other parts of your life is a perfect reason for me to skip a workout once in a while. You still need a social life, you need friends and family, relationships take time, studies take time,… so as you can see in my eyes there are some reasons that are a perfect excuse to skip a workout. The nuance is in how much you use these “excuses” if you cancel your workout every day to go out… that might not be the right mindset to get fit. But if you skip a workout once in a while for a special occasion or just because other things in your life demand more time (like during exams), it is perfectly fine! Just like treating yourself to junk food sometimes, you can treat yourself to a day off sometimes, rest days are even essential in any workout plan! One absolutely valid reason not to work out is when you’re sick (except for a cold or something), but when you are sick your body needs the energy to fight against sickness, depriving your body of that energy by working out can slow down your recovery process, so when you have the flu, for example, take a nice rest until it’s gone, you need it!


  • don’t stop when it hurts, stop when you’re done” or “no pain, no gain“: well, this is just formulated in a completely wrong way. What they actually are trying to say I think is: don’t stop when it’s burning, stop when you’re done. Indeed, working out hard can make your muscles burn and that is awesome and good. But there is a huuuuge difference between feeling the burn or slight discomfort and being in actual pain. Pain is a sign from your body that there is something wrong and that you should stop. Never keep running for example when you sprained your ankle, never keep doing an exercise with a pulled muscle,… I think you get the point here. When you feel actual pain: stop!


  • Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels“: well this one is just complete crap. Like, kate moss, have you ever tried pizza? or french fries? or peanut butter? or brownies? or cheesecake? (I can go on like this for hours), this is an old quote by kate moss and it makes me angry, I was stuck with an eating disorder for a long time and quotes like this are a huuuge bad influence on vulnerable people. Being skinny in my opinion should never be a goal of anyone, being healthy and fit however, is a way better goal to go for! *writing this while eating easter eggs, tastes so much better than skinny feels*


  • you choose, pizza or thigh gap” and “you choose, junk food you want now or the body you’ve wanted for years“: *shivers* oh boy, for the first quote: a thigh gap is mostly determined by your bone structure, so that doesn’t even make sense. But the main thing that is wrong with these quotes is that they give people a bad feeling for enjoying their piece of pizza or some other junk food from time to time. And nobody should ever feel guilty for that! Treating yourself is so important, being healthy is about what you do most of the time, if you eat healthy most of the time than go, take that piece of pizza, get that huge piece of cake, and enjoy every single bite of it because you sure deserve it! Moderation is key, not deprivation.


  • unless you puke, faint or die, keep going“: uhhhh hello? DIE, excuse me???? how the hell would this quote ever be right, there are so many reasons to stop a workout, if you’re fainting you actually already pushed yourself too far. Listen to your body guys, if something feels terribly wrong, then your body is probably giving you a sign to stop, listen to those signs!


  • “Strong is the new beautiful“: I love the fact that more and more girls are striving for a strong and healthy body instead of just being skinny. But please, always remember that you don’t have to put down other people to make yourself shine. All people are beautiful, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Skinny girls are beautiful, bigger girls are beautiful and strong, slim girls are beautiful. You only have one body, love it no matter what size it is. If you want to be strong and if being fit makes you feel good, then go for it, but remember that this doesn’t make you better than other people.


  • sore or sorry, you pick“: this quote might make you believe that you have to be sore after a workout for the workout to be effective. But this isn’t entirely true! You can make huge progress without ever being sore, it all depends on which movements your body is used to. If you run often, you won’t be sore after running anymore, because your body adapts to the movements, if you lift often you’ll also be less sore after a while, just because your body adapts to the things you do. Of course, you’ll be sore sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that your other workouts don’t count when you’re not sore 😉 every workout counts!

The key when reading fitness quotes is to just use your common sense, don’t take things to literally and be critical on what you read. Next is one that is entirely true, and there are many more awesome fitness quotes out there. Wishing to get fit and healthy doesn’t get you anywhere, it takes hard work and dedication.  Get yourself off your ass, get moving, be badass, crush your goals, you can do it!

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