Reshape your Figure with VelaShape

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Do you want to reduce cellulite, firm your skin, and remove your excess fat, but don’t want to go under the knife? VelaShape could be for you.

VelaShape is a non-surgical treatment that reduces cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, arms, and, more rarely, on the calves. It is also used to remove excess fat on the belly, at your saddlebags and inner knees, and to firm skin.

It was created by the American company Syneron in the United States. VelaShape replaces VelaSmooth, which was used to reduce cellulite. It achieves the desired results faster.

How Does VelaShape Work?

The instrument produces a suction as well as kneading effect, in addition to using radiofrequency and infrared light.

How does treatment take place?

VelaShape has two heads. The largest is used to reduce cellulite. You go for treatments the big head several times in the same place until the skin reaches a temperature of 40ºC. It then takes care of another area until it reaches the same temperature.

Subsequently, it brings back the two areas at 40ºC for a second time. VelaShape causes lipolysis in fat cells. These are normally congested and swollen, so the instrument helps compress the blood and lymph vessels that create the orange peel effect. By putting them in lipolysis, they “spit out” their fat. Cellulite is reduced. The skin becomes smoother.

With the small head, the technician works local areas on overload to remove excess fat. “I stay in one place until the customer tells me that it’s too hot, then I move the camera an inch and no longer applying much heat. I do, for example, the entire region of the saddlebags that way. Then I’m in another zone, then I go back a second time on each area.” This stimulates collagen, which tightens the skin.

Who is VelaShape ideal for?

It is suitable for women and men aged 20 to 70 who have a body mass index below 30.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Your skin may be red and swollen for 24 hours and you could bruise for a week or two.

Is it Painful?

This depends on the tolerance of each person. It can be somewhat painful and not relaxing because we feel that it works in depth. One actually can feel the heat effect and it squeezes a bit.

How Many Sessions are Required and What are the Outcomes?

This depends on metabolism and nutrition of the person. Customers should receive one treatment per week for 6 to 10 weeks. Studies show that 8 to 16 sessions are required for it to be effective. The duration of treatment varies between 30 minutes and an hour and a quarter, according to the treated areas.

The customer must return one month after treatment. If they are still satisfied with the results, they can return two or three months later to do an interview. Otherwise, they may repeat the treatment once a month or month and a half.

VelaShape does not eliminate cellulite 100%, but it can reduce it by over 50%. The improvements are less significant in people with mature skin. The percentage of fat that gets eliminated varies from case to case.

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