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Do not hesitate… Change your life for the better now using treatments or workshops offered in spa resorts, spas or private nursing homes for a day. The transformation and rebirth are the order of the day, through detoxification, with formulas borrowed from the four corners of the globe, and tinged with exoticism, tradition and above all efficiency. Indulge in the wonder, pleasure, revelation, and well-being.

Fasting or treatment on behalf of health

Fasting is popular. Recognized since immemorial time in various cultures and religions for its purifying properties and general welfare, it provides maximum health benefits in a short period of time (aging, weight loss, healing, and energizing effects). During the full fast (water only) or cure (a diet consisting of fruits and/or vegetables, and sometimes includes some supplements) your body triggers a natural mechanism of purification. Addictions to substances such as sugar and caffeine resurface get defeated quickly. Surprisingly, their absence results in an increase in your energy level.

Some nursing homes specialize in cures and fasting. It offers full fasting (10 days) and extended fasting (14 days), both with gradual replenishment. They also offer their customers a curing juice into comfortable accommodation with daily monitoring of vital signs and weight. Each treatment is often punctuated by informative lectures on all aspects of fasting and vegetarian diet, as well as complementary services such as massage and colonic irrigation.

Did you know that the grape cures, in addition to its revitalizing effects, and detoxification are suggested for insomnia, headaches, ringing in the ear, nasal congestion, skin problems, constipation and heaviness of stomach?

The temazcal

Welcome to the traditional Mexican steam bath called temazcal. Hot stones are carefully laid in the center of this mythical hut, to create an atmosphere conducive to sweating and meditation. Spirituality and purification of the soul and body are waiting for you. Formerly practiced by the Mayans and Aztecs in order to purify and better communicate with the spirits. The rounds of sweating are often four times, more and more intense heat and sometimes last for two hours. Sweating is the vehicle to get rid of toxins, and the hut, with its mysticism and folklore, became a place to externalize his concerns and wishes. This is assisted by the temazcal, a kind of shaman, to let go or, conversely, to choose the action. For some, it is a way of confusing spiritual energy with nature to the rhythm of chants and drums, while exotic scents fill the air.

The four-handed massage: an ode to the pleasure of the senses

Lose yourself in the ultimate pleasure of massage with four hands. Whether it is a derivative of Ayurveda massage, with inspirations from South-East Asia, Hawaii or Thailand, once you’ve experienced, it will remain etched in your memory for eternity. Imagine… you are getting a massage on your head and shoulders by a therapist while another simultaneously working gently on your prodigal lymphatic drainage of the leg, with movements in perfect harmony. It is also available with aromatherapy, where you can choose from several fragrances of essential oils.

Retreats in a yoga center: to do well

If you practice yoga regularly, you know the benefits that this lifestyle gives you. Then choose a retreat in a yoga center rather than an in a traditional holiday resort, for true healing in the name of your health and your well-being. You will experience your yoga stretches in a studio with light décor, lulled by the breeze of the lush of tropical flora fragrant, or you can practice your asanas on the seashore. Enjoy your vegetarian dinner with friends and family admiring the sunset, then opt for a meditation or a soothing massage.

Qigong at the service of energy and health

This ancient Chinese system of physical exercises is recognized to be practiced in a meditative state, inter alia, to reduce hypertension, increase strength, improve mental function and reduce stress. The benefits are not limited to the body, they also extend to the spiritual side by magnifying awareness and tapping the universal energy through respiration. When you coordinate your breathing with the movements, you start to generate “qi” or energy in your abdomen. Practice replicates this energy ten times, resulting in a significant reserve for subsequent needs.

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