Spa: The benefits of heat

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Did you know that in Finland there are about 1.5 million saunas for a population of 5.2 million? No wonder the Finns have a warm heart! Whether dry or wet, the heat has always fascinated people around the world over for its therapeutic and soothing effects. Step into the soul of the spa through travel in rich traditions… and give yourself the pleasures of the heat.

Steam, an ode to the oven

Discover the Turkey hammams, Russian bagna, Mayan temazcal and Japanese onsen,where the oven is known for its health and longevity, according to some beliefs, and fertility as well!

Experience a Turkish bath, steam baths with oriental inspiration of Greco-Roman contribution to the evolution of the ritual of hygiene in the Middle East and North Africa. The steam rooms are places where the art of ceramic and marble are at their peak, recalling the tales of Thousand and One Nights with their vaulted ceilings allowing light to pass through a lace mystique.

They are also hubs of meetings where men and women can engage in separate hedonic pleasure of the bath and massage, and heat when wet, and the usability go hand in hand. After a shower and a session of sweating, tellak – a kind of therapist or “rubbing” will invite you to grovel on the central heated marble in order to provide a vigorous scrubbing with black soap with abundant foam.

In Asia, particularly in Japan and Korea, where the art of bathing is intimately tied to certain religious precepts that do not separate your clean body with that in mind, the public expresses genuine cult rituals. Primarily contemplative experience of Japanese onsen, the hot spring baths located in regions rich in volcanic soils. You can admire a breathtaking landscape while enjoying the benefits of this natural heat.

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The sauna, a dry heat radiant

For a real antidote to the cold and melancholy, revisit the Finnish sauna and its variations manifested by alternating hot and cold water dives through the ice. Formerly it was used primarily to wash, treat and even to give birth. The sauna has a prominent place in Finnish culture. Heated to a temperature of 80°C, the sauna today is a place of conviviality and exchange of therapeutic benefits and relaxation.

Some saunas are heated by a wood fire that is built near a river to allow the experience of diving in cold water and then return to dry heat sauna and is comforting. The alternation of hot and cold stimulation is a unique exercise for the body, which detoxifies and relax. This is possible because of this adjustment effort – on behalf of your beauty and your longevity!

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