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Unleash Your Energy!

unleash your energy

To balance the intense physical activity, we may turn to activities, both physical and psychic so that the captive energy is released. The practitioners of these techniques such as yoga, qi gong, and tai chi say that their practice frees the energy that is trapped in the body by negative emotions, stress, poor posture, etc. Yoga helps to dislodge the energies of the bodies by the unaware lifestyle.

Regular practice of yoga affects the endocrine system through different postures. It massages the internal organs, the circulatory system is activated and it also balances the skeleton by different stretches. People who do yoga do not age. By these effects, we feel more energetic because the body becomes more resistant to stress. Yoga not only helps in relaxation but also a complete physical activity, according to the form that we practice more – cardiovascular or muscular. We can change the type according to our state and our daily needs. Yoga fits us.

Qigong and tai chi

Qigong (also spelled chi kung), the forerunner of Tai Chi, is a part of Chinese medicines. It can be practiced by everyone. Qigong classes last from 1:30 to 2:00. It alternates yin, a meditation that allows the mind to rest, with the yang, the most active period. The objective is to work on the organs to release blockages that restrict the flow of energy. We work on body alignment and blockages of the meridians. It loosens the spine, joints are opened and it strengthens tendons and ligaments.

In the practice of yoga, you learn to breathe through the belly and the self-massage of acupressure points. This learning process of respiration, which 90% of people ignore, is the foundation that transmits energy. Breathing is capable of displacing the muscle tension that blocks energy.

Tai chi and Qigong are closely linked. Moreover, certain movements overlap in the courses. However, tai chi is a martial art, which allows the control of energy within the body. You learn fighting moves in slow motion to bring a relaxing mode.

Classical stretch

This technique, developed by the former ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White, is a workout that combines the improvement in muscle strength and flexibility. The basic principles combine stretching, tai chi, yoga, ballet, physiotherapy, and chiropractic movements. The Classical Stretch goes beyond the usual course of stretching, lengthening the body cladding and promoting muscle strength.

In fact, many athletes receive regular courses of Classical Stretch. They must have an energy level up throughout their competitions, and exceptional muscular power. They do this in part through the Classical Stretch. If the muscles are more flexible and stronger, it moves faster and does not waste its energy i.e., on the contrary, there are more.

The 5 minute stretch at the end of the course does not suffice. Flexibility is an aspect often neglected by athletes. No profit no loss of calories seems attached. However, when you do such a course, you will sweat!

Energy and power

Finally, in order to play sports and keep a good energy level, we must eat properly. If you practice the sub-diet to lose weight, you will run out of health. Therefore, no benefit. If we do not have an adequate diet, it draws our muscle mass, because we do not consume enough protein. It depends on what we digest. The body uses carbohydrates when asked for an effort. When he has more carbohydrates, it will tap into fat.

To recover after a workout and have the feeling of quickly find the energy, we must eat or drink. Chocolate milk is the best choice or an energy drink. However, we avoid liquids that contain too much sugar, such as soft drinks. It is also important to eat or drink before, during and afterward the physical activity.

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