Pro-quark. What?

Pro Quark

When we train like a boss, we eat like a boss! You might have seen thousands and thousands of crazy beautiful oatmeal bowls for breakfast passing by on Instagram, and I am in love with oatmeal too! But lately I discovered a new breakfast that is now at the top of my favorites list, I got the idea from the famous pr-oats, oatmeal with protein powder and I thought, why not try mixing up whey with yogurt?

I tried it and it came out perfectly, but then I also tried it with quark, since quark has a slightly thicker texture and even better macro’s than yogurt and believe me that shit is delicioussssss, by adding the whey you get a really thick and creamy substance! When I started paying more attention, I saw that I’m far from the only one doing this, for example running lau (from is also a big fan of this delicious, creamy thingy too! I love alternating my breakfast nowadays between oatmeal and pro-quark, with all kinds of different toppings! Not only is it amazing for breakfast, but it is also delicious as a snack or dessert and it is full of protein.

what do you need?

  • Quark: I use between 300g and 500g of low-fat quark for breakfast, depending on what I eat with it and if I’m working out that day! but you can just take as much as you want/need!

  • 1 scoop of protein powder, I already tried it with chocolate whey, cookies and cream, and vanilla and it is all delicious.

  • any kind of toppings you like: I always put some kind of fruit on it and most of the time muesli, but you can also add nuts, dried fruit, shredded coconut,… everything you can imagine!

Macro’s for 300g of low-fat quark with a scoop of whey (without toppings!), of course, macro’s depend on which quark you use!

  • fat: 1.7g     (add 0.1g per 100g quark)
  • carbs: 15g     (add 4 per 100g quark)
  • protein: 50g     (add 10 per 100g quark)

as you can see the macro’s of this breakfast are perfect for an active and fit person!

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