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5 Apps To Help Tame The Anxiety Beast

mobile apps for healing anexity

Control it before it controls you

I’m a textbook overthinker. I have always dealt with anxiety in my life, but it got so bad this year that I started to rehearse the conversation I would have with the cashier at the supermarket.

One day, a random woman tried to steal my discount stickers when I was at the check-out, and I just let her. I couldn’t speak. When I got home, I replayed that situation in my head a billion times thinking of things I could have said. “Back-off lady”, “I’m with the police”, and curse words were usually the most popular choices of a reply. After this day I knew I had to get revenge to do something to help my anxiety levels get better.

I know you can relate to this at least at some level, and anxiety hits us all in various ways. But it’s okay, because millions of people suffer from anxiety all around the world. So we can all be weird together.

With anxiety comes panic attacks and overwhelmingness, so calming yourself down if you don’t have the help of a trusted friend or family member – who I’ve learned can be people of unlimited patience – is almost impossible. So what can we do then? Don’t freak out, because I’ve got you covered.

If you have a smartphone, it can be your best friend when you have a panic attack. If you’re feeling anxious or you just want to do a daily meditation, your phone can help you. Phones aren’t only for taking selfies and watching YouTube videos of cats. They can also be a great tool for taking care of your mental health. I have tested several apps over the past few months, and I have to say they have helped me a great deal with my anxiety problem.

All the apps are available for Android and for iPhone, except for one (but I included a similar option). Let’s get to the list!



I absolutely love calm. What I like about it the most is that it’s simple and the voice of the woman that talks to you is really relaxing. I really responded to their meditations so this is the app I use the most. You can do the seven days of calm, it’s a program to help you meditate better in seven days. You can have guided meditation swear you can relax your muscles or Jews have more awareness of your body. There’s also a timer so you can just do it as long as you can fit in your day. You can also use calm from your browser.


iPhone/Similar for Android

Mindfulness is a breathing exercise app and that’s all there is to it. It’s simple the design is clean and it’s easy to follow breast pace. It will tell you to breathe and hold your breath and then just select it to air out in a very long breath. This type of exercise is actually scientifically proven to calm down your body and help you sleep within minutes. This app is not available for Android, but you can try Breathe2Relax which is basically the same. Just make sure to deactivate the breathing coach, as I think his voice is a bit demanding and can actually stress you a bit.

3. SAM


This is a great app designed by the University of West England, and it’s all about anxiety management. You can have an anxiety tool kit, help for a panic attack, exercises, an anxiety tracker, and more. It’s pretty complete and I actually feel safer because I have it.



With this app, you can log your mood, choose meditations (muscle relaxation, deep breathing, visualization), do breathing exercises, etc. I love the muscle relaxation one and I use it almost every day. Goes great with a hot bath!



Stop, Breath & Think is a great app for breathing exercises and it has a big list of meditations, including gratitude, body scan, falling asleep, kindness, joy, compassion, and many others. It has a great design and program. You can also do it from the web.


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