Prevent and Relieve Back Pain

prevent back pain

When back pain accompanied by a restriction of movement occurs, it takes away the joy of life. Here are some tested and effective measures to fight it!

If our vertebrae evolve harmoniously with each other, we have good abdominal muscles and a healthy weight, and our back is also strong and flexible. The bones support the muscles, protect vital organs, contain marrow, the source of blood cells, and renew themselves. They are living tissues, so feed them well, provide essential nutrients, and exercise (our muscles are the long fibers attached to bones by tendons, by stretching and shortening them we are moving our skeleton), keep them healthy. Stress, inactivity and prolonged unusual postures remain the main factors to watch against.


You want to prevent bone breakdown, muscle atrophy, and back pain? Unless otherwise directed by your therapist, move! Movement and weight-bearing are essential in increasing the density of a bone and thus its strength. Otherwise, the bones lose minerals, become porous and break more easily.

Astronauts in weightlessness are a well-illustrated example of the deterioration of their musculoskeletal system in space. Their muscles lose their tone, atrophy and become weaker; their bones lose strength by demineralizing. In addition, their immune system weakens, and their energy level and concentration decreases. Astronauts attenuate the magnitude of these changes by taking supplements and doing as much as exercise as possible. Train yourself and everything will be fine. Do not exercise and you will be forced to leave the ship!

Such advice also applies to the Astronauts when they ‘land’! If you’re thinking: “Okay, but I suffer from osteoarthritis!” All the more reason to exercise! The movement improves the condition and strength of OA, while physical inactivity leads inexorably to a worsening of symptoms, and probably at a more rapid loss of cartilage. Inactivity also increases the tendency to obesity, which increases the risk of osteoarthritis of the knee and worsens existing osteoarthritis.

Dr. Clinton T. Rubin, bone specialist and world-renowned director of the SUNY (State University of New York, Center for Advanced Technology in Medical Biotechnology) and his team at Harvard Medical School believe that chemical drugs, if used alone, are less effective than when they are combined with physical exercise or “vibrating-motion therapy”, which, by vibration, strengthens bones and increases muscle power (this is the case of the Power Plate).

Preventing back pain

The maximum amount of calcium is fixed in bone and this level is reached before the thirties, an age when bone density and strength are optimal. Sedentary women and those whose diet was deficient in adolescence are “osteoporotic” in power. Prevention, healthy eating, maintaining a healthy weight and exercise – weight-bearing (walking, skiing, cycling), stretching and strengthening (muscle contraction) – are most effective in achieving its full potential of bone mass, that is to say, the maximum amount of calcium in her bones. This improves pain and function in most people suffering from chronic back pain. Postural gymnastics and cardiovascular exercise (that is, those that increase heart rate and increase the flow to large muscle groups) are prescribed regularly.

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