Assisted Mental Imagery

Assisted Mental Imagery

Achieving overall well-being is both simple and complex. For a quarter of a century, a multitude of approaches was proposed to provide relaxation and serene: seminars, courses, massage, coaching, retreats.

Yet, few are those which can be claimed as sustainable approaches. Yet many – even among the followers of these harmonizing techniques – were still tired, dissatisfied and with a vague sense of being in the “place” while passing next to his life. Despite sincere goodwill, our efforts to heal did not give the desired results.

We continue to have pain in the skin and soul. Why? Because we are in a set of resistors which participate actively in creating our lives and cancel the momentum. A sort of conflict arises between what we want and who would do us good and what prevents us to do so.

Our Personal Dilemma

This type of pain is usually triggered by opposition between a part of you that wants to be free and fulfilled and another which embedded in an evil way of life unconsciously gets adjusted to our innermost being does not yield to its place. This kind of internal conflict between the conscious and unconscious mind is what painful and wakes up what we call intrapsychic resistance.

A major dilemma, as it is based on two values, both has to be cured but yet we want to keep the security of the status quo. If the healing is whole again, this requires paradoxically that one gives up something to get there. Something that we take without knowing it. What could be that? This can take several forms: A belief, a family value, a condition known as comfortable. Experience shows that even when they are harmful, we are committed to these inner attitudes of suffering.

Since these resistors are nestled in the hollow of the psyche in the unconscious, most of the therapeutic approaches offer little control over them. And as this resistance will not be settled or auscultated, our forces will be blocked and a vital element to our health victories will be temporary or totally mixed.

Talk to your Unconscious

Our unconscious mind is a territory that is both mysterious and very fertile. This is what Jung described as, “a huge reservoir of creativity that should be explored, otherwise it risks triggering without our knowledge, behaviors, feelings or attitudes uncontrolled.  “Several approaches are proposed to interact with our unconscious: writing, drawing, dream analysis.

Several psychotherapists tried exercises to get to the heart of the unconscious, the realm of resistance. This is the main interest of the approach: go to the heart of the conflict, where lies the dilemma. Once brought to consciousness, these resistors can be settled and harmonized with conscious desires. The person is invited to silence, its logical and rational “down” in its symbolic universe. Very often, the unconscious can then reveal his mysteries by the emergence of unusual symbols which can be surprising. A large amount of pent-up energy will be transformed into strengths that count.

Any blockage highlighted, although identified, seeks to unravel. The mere fact of having emerged from the shadows can then be examined which expresses our resistance that something has already changed.

The comparison between the mode of expression of the conscious and the unconscious helps us grasp the power of mental imagery. While in the conscious mode of expression through language, the unconscious He chooses an image or a symbol for communication. Words alone tend to remain in the abstract. The images, cons, hijack the rational filter. They are thus the medium’s most eloquent expression of the unconscious. These are valuable allies to reveal problem areas of the psyche and discern what has been repressed.

The art of helping is to accompany the person in his march toward the center itself while guiding it in its route to his unconscious. It is important not to pre-empt this process. It takes a lot of listening and finesse.

This is a quasi-sacred, a humbling experience for both the caregiver and for the helper. It is a process that requires time, gentleness and respect since it affects the core values of being. If you dare to tame it, it will lead you to wonder to yourself, sometimes even a pure delight.

Did you know?

Your unconscious universe is much larger than the conscious? To be consistent, these two aspects of your being must interact harmoniously. If a symptom or psychological discomfort is recurrent or resistant, try the following little exercise. Ask your unconscious and without analyzing or judging, let go the first answer that comes to the following questions: “What if I gave myself permission to… (Get well, assertive, play, etc.)”, “What if I expose myself? And what do I win?”

Your subconscious will reveal his secret might like an image or a symbol. Once the resistance is called, the image can be tamed and transformed into a creative force.

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