The Basic Spring Coat

Spring Black Coat

I’ve been searching for the perfect black coat for a long time, and I wanted something to get me by during the changing weather, transitioning from winter to spring. I happened to find the perfect one during the opening of the new Every.day.counts store on Kalverstraat here in Amsterdam. They had an opening night with drinks and what-not, and a nice 25% discount on all items in the store.

I popped by and tried on a few things, had a few drinks… Some fashion bloggers gave me their suggestions as well, and the staff was so friendly, and this coat fit me like a glove! The sleeves cover my whole arm but they also allow space and if I move my arms they retract a bit, which I think is great for warmer days. Most of the coats I own have very long sleeves and although it’s great for winter, it’s not very nice during super sunny days with the cold wind (that’s kind of the spring we have here).

It has a great cut and shape, and it’s not too boyish for this kind of model. It looks very sleek and I love the pockets! The material is wool but it’s very soft, and it hangs down perfectly. I can’t wait for warmer days to come to wear it all the time since it’s still a bit cold here and I’m still wearing mostly heavy-duty coats. I’m officially armed with a great basic coat for spring, now let’s bring on all the rest!


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