Activities for Leaving Home in Summer

outdoor activities for summer

In addition to the practice of outdoor sports, summer is the ideal season to enjoy nature. Some activities are traditionally engaged in transporting themselves to the outside, like aerobics, and some others which are less known, such as horseback riding. More traditionally, you can enjoy the summers with inline skating, badminton, tennis, water aerobics, outdoors in pools or a lake. All ideas are good, just put them into practice.

Outdoor Yoga

It’s not just outdoor sports that are practiced outdoors, it can also be Zen in nature. Some schools offer yoga classes outdoors. If your finances allow, you can go for a week to a yoga retreat in the forest ecological paradise of Costa Rica.

Between these two solutions, many retreats offer activities, including the yoga and sea kayaking Why not combine the two physical activities that are so different? Many yoga centers offer courses, workshops or retreats outside urban centers. This is a win- win situation.

Outdoor Aerobics

Do aerobics in a park near your home. It also offers sports programs for new moms with their babies. A good way to socialize and get fit at the same time.

Discover Horse-riding

Instead of using motor vehicles for exploring our natural heritage, why not take a horseback ride. It may take a day, or three days a week and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It will perhaps give you little sore buttocks, but the fun is guaranteed. Explore the benefits of horse riding here.

Summer in the Universities and Municipalities

Several summer activities can be practiced in groups through the courses offered by universities and municipalities. Educate yourself, as this will allow you to discover very interesting things. For example, you can learn golf.


In golf from when you are a beginner to the time you fully learn it, practice with friends that you initiate with. Contrary to popular belief, golf is a sport that allows you to enjoy the summer, nature and relax. Of course, you need to minimize the use of the cart.

Beach Volleyball, Soccer and Other Team Sports

Various leagues throughout the United States offer a wide range of sporting activities, outdoor sports like softball, beach volleyball, soccer and even the ultimate Frisbee. Some of these leagues have mixed teams and some do not.

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