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Arizona is famous for its enormous national parks, and of course for the great canyons. In the midst of it lies the capital city of Phoenix, and being the only great metropolitan in Southwestern states it is home to several state-of-the-art universities. The Grand Canyon University, for being the Christian university, has made quite a distinguished name for itself. Aside from the programs it offers on-campus, it has a separate dedicated online portal so that the students can have instant access to the vast knowledge and learning. The degree programs it offers range from undergraduate, graduate and master level to accommodate all types of students.

All one has to do is to fill in the login credentials, and they would be readily redirected to a host of different services. This swift access helps students to keep track of their course all the time they are in the university. Also, it updates them about their academic schedules, grade, and even financial aid information.


What benefits does one get from a GCU login?

There are a lot of benefits involved in being an account holder of the GCU portal. I have enlisted a few of them below:

  • You can have access to the academic schedule, student email account, academic advising, grades, registration information and complete guides on several courses.
  • The students are provided tutoring services here along with academic and career counseling.
  • GCU has always financially supported its deserving students, and therefore they have created a dedicated section for the financial aid in the portal. It provides aids resource and documents, which comes very handy for meritorious and needy students.


How to create the account on the GCU student portal?

The students do not have to worry much as it is more like an automatic process. All they have to do is to get themselves enrolled in the university and to start working with an academic advisor. The accounts are created and the login details are sent to the respective students by the time they meet the only two requirements. Although it is a cliché, yet I have to remind you to change your password as soon as you get access to your account. It is more for easy accessibility than for tight security of the account: your personalized password can be easily remembered but it often compromises security.


Is there any GCU helpdesk?

Well, the answer is yes, and for obvious reasons. All online portals are backed by a technical support team, and we are discussing a university portal here. The navigation to the technical support page isn’t a hard nut to crack. Open the homepage of the GCU student portal, and navigate through the Future Students heading and then campus resources to finally reach the “technical support page.”

The portal also incorporates a contact us page, and students can directly interact with the support team through it via e-mail, live chat, phone, and even social media. However, there are certain limitations. The services are not offered 24/7 and one would have to strictly follow the schedule. The team can be reached from 6 AM – Midnight on weekdays, and 7 AM – midnight on weekends, Arizona time. They can be directly reached via phone at (877) 428-8447.

What to do if you are facing login issues?

There is always a possibility of things going south.  To forget a crucial password is a thing that almost happens to every other person. Worry not, the support team has already accounted for that, and there are some procedures to follow. You will have to register your account for a password reset, and following lies the procedure to do so:

  • Open the main My Portal GCU page, and click the link named ‘Trouble Logging in?’
  • There will be a password reset page there, and next you would have to click the ‘Register My Account’ link.
  • Register yourself as a student there, and fill all necessary details.
  • Bingo, you have registered for the password reset.


If you forgot your GCU Login, please see Username Recovery
If you forgot your GCU Student Portal password, please see Reset Your Password

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