The Best Alternatives To Project Free TV (2019)

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Despite being a popular thing of its time, the Project Free TVs took no time to vanish into oblivion. However, there are multiple alternatives that have successfully taken its place and have been performing quite well so far.

Before we look into the alternatives, let us first go through the reason behind the shutdown of Project FREE TV.


The reason behind the shutdown of Project Free TV:


Companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon—along with other streaming service providers—make a huge sum of money by providing entertainment content. Project Free TV was providing it for free, and the above-mentioned streaming giants were not happy about that.

Project Free TV was right outside the moral boundaries and was outright illegal. But, nothing allures people more than what comes in free of cost. The website gained enough traction among the populace and justly been dogged by cybercrime cells and lawyers after that.

The owner of the platform, after being relentlessly discouraged, started other applications that were small enough to get ignored by law enforcement agencies.

The website was penalized by googling many times, and in response, it adopted an evasive strategy: to keep buying several domains and adding new backlinks to the fresh domain name, so Google can’t penalize it.

People usually follow the social media handles of such websites, as it readily keeps them updated about new domains.


Declaimer: this website neither supports nor endorse pirate content. It is purely for curious readers and is purely for educational purposes. It is highly recommended that you must watch content from streaming providers who have legal access to the movies. Plus, only if you pay for the content, its creators would have the motivation to produce new.


What to do, if you are adamant to visit sites similar to project free Tv?

I hope you have read the disclaimer. Nonetheless, I will repeat one thing here: we don’t support piracy.

If you are still adamant to visit sites similar to project free TV for curiosity and whatever reason it is, searches them on other browsing engines i.e. Bing.

Caution should be your utmost defense mechanism: install adblocker extension to prevent these sites to sell your data, and don’t provide your credit card details, or any private information, in any case.


Best Alternatives To Project Free TV


The die-hard fans of TV series are sometimes disappointed when their favorite streaming service stops abruptly, just when the latest episode is about to be released. Sites similar to project free TV comes very handily in such time, and it is the only reason that I have enumerated them below.


 This application has an expansive collection of movies and TV series, and all of them are available in the highest quality possible. It allows downloading of content to your devices and then watches them offline without having to register.

Its user interface is intuitive and quite friendly. The user experience, on the other hand, is impressive too. We can have access to all necessary information while watching the TV and there are minimal chances of bugs.

We have no particular recommendation for our user except for that the app should not be downloaded from dubious third-party websites. You put your computers at a huge risk with this heedless approach.

2. Cmovies

The application has an immense collection of movies, and despite the name limit itself to movies, it has a vast collection of TV series also. It allows the standalone download to watch movies offline. You don’t have to register and add any details to watch the movies.

The user interface of both the app and site are impressive and specifically designed to make ease for the users.

3. CouchTuner

Couchtuner has a pretty run-of-the-mill interface, though it has a significant number of movies and TV series on it. While the interface may annoy you a little, once you find your favorite content all you will be doing is to get going overlooking gaping holes in the interface design.

4. Crackle

For all couch potatoes, crackle is a blessing to have. There is a favorite section to add movies to watch later. This way you don’t have to remember all the names, and you can also share it with your friends. The movies are sorted well into different categories, and therefore it is a no-brainer to find your favorite movies or even find a new one in your fav genre.

5. FMovies

You can find the application on the site, or if you don’t want to install the application, you can entertain yourself by exploring movies on the site. The content on this site is of supreme quality, and it comprises movies of all genres and countries.

6. GoMovies

I will have a straight talk with you here, GoMovies is simply jaw-dropping. The site is truly minimal in design, and it has enough quality content that can last even if you spend your whole watching it. A stable internet connection and average speed are all it takes to enjoy free content.

7. GoStream

Go stream is no different to all the applications I have discussed earlier except for the one downside, it doesn’t allow its users to download movies. Otherwise, the site is good to go. Gostream works efficiently for high-speed internet connection. So, the users will stable internet connection with high speed can reap its full benefits.

 8. HDO

HDO name is chosen wisely to get it stuck into visitors’ minds. The site is less to none in providing high-quality content and all you need is a device capable of visiting the website to entertain yourself.

9. Movies25.Me

The website has faced crackdown several times for uploading pirated content. And the attached link is an alternative to the main site which became an instant hit for the movie collection it had and the way they organized their content.

10. Movie4u

Movies4 is easy to remember and fast to access. The movies and TV series are entirely free, and you can have instant access to them with just one click. There is no registration required, and you will not get annoyed by popups on every page.

11. My Download Tube

The added factor in this site other than movies and TV series is a myriad of games that you will find on this website. You can easily download them and can share them with your friends. There are at least 8000 movies in the catalog, and the number is rising day by day.

12. Nitler

The site name rhyme with Hitler and actually symbolizes the negation of authority. It provides content to its users for absolutely no price and has been alive for a long time. No personal information, of any, required on this site, but you shall use an ad blocker to prevent sites like these to share your data with third parties.

13. PopcornFlix

 Popcorflix had an instant rise when it first surfaced on the internet. But soon it caught the attention of the cybercrime protection unit, and this has to find elusive ways to share content with its users. It features full-length movies and Tv series and is regularly updated to keep the user engaged.

14. Primewire

Unlike other sites, this application needs registration. And it will annoy you with the pop-ups and several advertisements on the page. But, the website will not disappoint you in the content quality it has, and when all of it is available free of cost, you will certainly overlook other drawbacks.

15. PureFlix

Its name rhymes with Netflix and it exactly performs the same function but for free. The website has full-length movies and a number of TV series that will keep you entertained.

16. ShowBox

 For some time, Show box became the most downloaded application on the internet. The application allows users to download content and watch them later without the internet connection.

17. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is yet another alternative to the Project Free TV, and is quite a limited collection of movies. Also, it has a wide array of TV series and documentary collections. You can visit the site by clicking the link, and decide for yourself whether it suits you or not.

18. Vexmovies

The website has well over 15000 movies in its catalog and the number is rising with each passing day. The application allows you to download content so you can watch it offline. No pop ups of any kind, and it is completely free of those badgering must registration login. The design is simple and clean, and


No registration required, no newsletter subscription and definitely no personal detail is required to watch content on Vumoo. It is, without any doubt, one the best alternative available to the Project Free TV.  You don’t have to believe our words, go watch it for yourself by clicking on the link.


Watchfree, as the name implies, provide the first-rate content for free. This application goes beyond Hollywood and includes Korean and other Asian series as well. Full HD content is guaranteed, and the clean interface design makes it a lot much easier for the users to navigate to their fav content.

21.Yes! Movies

This site has over 10000 movies, TV shows, and documentaries combined. All you have to do is to open the website and browse your favorite content. There are good chances that it will take no time to find the content you are looking for, as all the first-class movies are already on it.


If you are a fan of Hindi and Telugu movies, this is the right site for you. YoMovies features full high definition movies and is a great resource for unlimited entertainment. Telugu movies are available in the Hindi dubbed version also, so you don’t have to fear the language barrier.

23. Zmovies

No personal information or any kind of registration is required to have access to your favorite movies. The user experience is up-to-par and doesn’t disappoint its users in any way.


Famous for TV series and documentaries, this application has pretty much everything related to TV series under the sun.

25. AZMovies

The website is notorious for newly released movies, and rightly finds itself in hot water over the content it shares illegally. Please stay away from it, if you follow strict moral code to maintain.

The latest movies are usually in extremely low-quality print, but the site regularly updates its content when higher qualities are available. Visit the site for further details.

26. r/Best Of Streaming Video

The best way to find the right app is to find it yourself. There are platforms like Quora and Reddit where you can find numerous threads dedicated to these applications. And even if the tread is banned, for obvious reasons, you can use Wayback machine to find the links.


 This article has tried to encompass all the relevant applications there are as an alternative to Project Free TV. They are, to the best of our knowledge, outstanding among hundreds of other applications. Nevertheless, if you find this article lacking in anything, please comment so we can update it accordingly.

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