What is Tablet PC?

What is tablet pc

Tablet is not new and it has been around for many years, but the explosion of tablet acceptance by the consumer is when Apple iPad is launched with the right form factor and great ID work, easy and attractive user interface and most importantly is the applications which make it become buzz-worthy with consumers.

Since then, there are tones of OEMs marching to launch their tablet pc products either on Google Android or Microsoft Windows operating system. There are some other OSes like Linux based variants like Intel’s MeeGo, Ubuntu open-source and the unique BlackBerry Tablet OS.

What is a tablet pc? To the consumer it is pretty simple, most of us think that it has to be flat panel slate form factor, touch screen, has WiFi or 3G connectivity and lightweight. Well, you are almost right, but here is a more professional explanation to you on what is a tablet pc. It needs to cover the below criteria:

  • Touch or Multi-Touch Flat Screen (LED or LCD TFT)

  • Slate Hand-Held Form Factor

  • Screen Size from 5″ to 12″

  • Wireless Broadband Connectivity and Cellular Connection Capability

  • Long Operation Hours (at least 6 hours continuous Internet Surfing, Media Processing)

  • Instant On, Instant Sleep, Instant Hibernate

  • Light Weight (less than 1000 gram)

If you still have doubts about what is a tablet pc after reading above points, no worries here is another pictorial explanation on what is a tablet pc for you.

Device Type


Tablets  PCs

Netbooks and Notebooks

Screen Size





Virtual & Physical

Virtual & Physical



Phone, Social, Games, Video/Music

Media, Social, Video/Music Playback, Games, eBook

Productivity/Word-Presentation Processing, Video/Music /Photo Editing, Games

Operating System

iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, Android, Windows

iOS, Android, Windows, MeeGo

iOS, Windows, Android, MeeGo, Linux,

Leading OEMs

HTC, Apple, Nokia, RIM, Samsung, LG,……

Apple, Samsung,….

Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Sony, Fujitsu,….


Cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G

WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Cellular

WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G

Apple iPad

Apple is a new entrant into the tablet market, by far the most successful entrant in tablet market segment which selling off 300,000 iPads in the U.S. on its first day of the sale (3rd April 2010) and breaking the 1 million iPads shipment in just 28 days (30th April 2010) after it launched. If you are not owning an iPad, you should think about getting one.

Consumer you and I buy iPad for a couple of reasons:

  • Pay For The Innovation
  • Portable HD Video Viewing (Youtube, Video Files)
  • Portable HD Games – AppStores
  • Ease of Use & Access To Information – Touch, and Swipe
  • eReader (if you like reading much)
  • Slick Trendy Form Factor – Style and Classy Indicator of Owning Apple Products
  • 1st Internet Device other than a Notebook or Netbook for productivity
  • Great Battery Life

So far, Apple has launched 2 tablets, the iPad and the iPad 2 which is a slight performance and features enhance version. Check out the iPad 2 key product review and summary for your reference.

Apple iPad 2 Review

After the success of the iPad, Apple launch iPad 2 about a year later the first iPad. Again the iPad fever is getting even higher, worldwide Apple Store sold out iPad 2 in the first hour of sale. So you must be wondering what iPad 2 has for the consumer crave for it. Here are the latest sincere genuine consumers feedbacks on iPad 2.

Apple iPad 2 Pros:

  • Slimmer body looks even slicker stylish outlook

  • Great performance with new Apple A5 dual-core chip

  • Support multi-tasking now

  • Great smart cover replacing the old Apple iPad case, which has an anti-dust function, smaller, thinner and auto-snap on features in protecting the screen.

  • Allow folder creation for apps consolidation

Apple iPad 2 Cons:

  • Still no Flash support

  • Camera quality is really below expectation, not even close to iPhone 4 quality

  • Still no USB port

  • Potential 4G requirement

The Verdict:

  • For current iPad owner, there are no solid reasons for an upgrade to iPad 2, unless you are buying innovation and style.

  • Great tablet option for people that have not to own any tablet

Toshiba Tablet PC

Another great notebook maker joins the media internet tablet market – Toshiba. It is not surprising to the media tablet world as Toshiba has already selling great tablet pc for enterprise many years ago. So many die-hard Toshiba fans in fact are waiting for Toshiba to launch its latest media tablet, as much looking forward as like Apple fans waiting for iPad.

Below are two categories of Toshiba tablet product type the Tablet PC and Media Internet Tablet.

1. Toshiba Portege M780 Tablet PC

2. Toshiba Android 3.0 Media Internet Tablet

Each of every top PC & notebook OEM has tablet pc solution, Toshiba Portege M780 is one of them. Many small medium and big enterprise provide they top sales and top executives management people to use tablet PC as an image of professionalism and ease of delivering the presentation in any places (public or private).

Frankly speaking, there are many critics and complaints about Toshiba Portege M780 from end customers but sometimes those are really having a wrong expectation on a tablet.

Toshiba Tablet PC Portege M780 Review:


1. Integrated DVD SuperMulti (+/- R double layer) Drive Bay, makes it real handy notebook.

2. Pretty solid battery life with 6 cell Lithium-Ion battery for about 4.5 hours non-stop operation (word processing, WiFi On for Internet browsing)

3. Integrated Webcam bundle with Business Card Reader application


1. Pretty bulky and heavy, almost 2kg by itself without adding the adapter and accessories yet.

2. Less sensitive touch screen and no multi-touch features


1. Equip at least 4GB of memory, allocate maximum video memory in BIOS, since Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD needs a bunch of system memory to perform well for connecting for external big display, playing HD content and firing up many apps windows.

2. Empty the DVD bay to save some weight.

3. Purchase an Intel Core i7 is configured system is better than Intel Core i5, as tablet pc has a lower refreshing cycle, and it gives the maximum performance you need.

4. If possible stick to SATA HDD if the system is for personal use. If provided by corporate and supported by corporate IT system, request for SATA SSD drive then. You need to do a weekly backup on data if using SSD on a tablet or notebook, as many complain that the SSD just crashed without alert.

Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first most successful Android-based tablet since it launched. The Galaxy Tab 7″ tablet is selling like hot cake too. Then the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Android 3.0 was showcased to the world in the Mobile World Congress show and attracted many Galaxy Tab fans and reporters to tweet and blog about it.

This Korean consumer electronics solution provider has done a really pretty good job in serving the tablet consumer market, you will find a lot more precise genuine end customers feedbacks on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ and Galaxy Tab 2 10″ model review here. A quick verdict to these Galaxy Tabs is pretty good and worth the dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review:

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1″

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″

Launching in June’11 the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ based on Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS and uses Nvidia Tegra 2 1GHz dual-core processor that gives you the speed needed to do multi-tasking, viewing 720p video and playing 3D games. Great ID with almost catching up iPad 2 in term of its sleek design with weighted only 1.3 pounds and 0.34 inches in thickness.


1. Super clear PLS-based display even under sunlight.

2. Really sexy outlook and lightweight.

3. Great rear (8MP) and front (2MP) camera photo and video shooting quality.

4. Android 3.0 Honeycomb in helping to extend battery life up to 10 hours

5. Pretty enhanced multi-tasking features like multiscreen scrolling for up to 5 screens with continuous update/refresh new content.

6. Great browser experience.

7. Comes with great licensed apps like the preinstalled Quick Office.


1. The reviewed model does not have USB, HDMI, MicroSD and SIM port.


Yet to see the launch product and exact pricing, but overall this is one of the most anticipated tablets in 2011 as the success in Galaxy Tab 7″, the latest 10.1″ should be much better.


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