Beginners Guide To Yoga For Men & Women

yoga guide for beginners (women)

Right now, my main focus is on running and strength training. But what I didn’t tell you yet is that I LOVE yoga too! Sadly enough, sometimes you have to make choices in life and training to get better at running, stronger in lifting AND doing yoga at the same time seems to be a bit impossible in my busy life. That doesn’t mean I lost my love for yoga, I still think it is a beautiful form of exercise, for the body and the mind. And when I have the time, I still love to roll out my mat and do some yoga. But where do you start?

What do you need?

For you to start doing yoga, all you really need is a yoga mat. Sometimes they use yoga blocks or yoga straps in videos, but a shawl and a couple of books can do the trick just as well in the beginning ;). put on some comfy workout clothes and take off your shoes and socks. You’re ready to begin! I often get the remark: “I’m not flexible enough to yoga”, well, once and for all: YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FLEXIBLE TO START YOGA. You will get more and more flexible along the way, at your pace, you don’t have to be flexible to start.

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What to look out for?

If you have any back, neck or joint issues, always ask your doctor first if you can practice yoga. Never start doing something without knowing your body is okay to do so! Most of the time, when you have an injury, yoga is still possible, but you just have to skip some poses or make them easier for you 🙂 (Here is a useful article on how to handle injuries)

Where to begin?

For me, it all started with the 30-day yoga challenge from Erin Motz. It is a short 20min lesson every day and she teaches it in a very fun and joyful way! I LOVED doing it. After that, I started to look into yoga more and I started taking classes at a local yoga school. I have to say that this was very useful to me, in videos they can show you all the flows, but they can not correct you when you’re doing something wrong and I realized that I was even doing a lot of the basic poses the wrong way. So if you have the choice to follow a couple of lessons, just to learn to do basic poses correctly, I would surely recommend that! The most basic flow to begin with by yourself, for example, is an easy sun salutation:

yoga sun salutation guide

These poses usually come back a lot in yoga routines, so knowing their names can be helpful! (downward dog, mountain, forward fold, upward dog, plank, lunge).

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